Top 10 Web Design Company Skills

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The web development and web design company is an evolving professional which is appealing for various reasons. With so many organizations and companies depending upon their online existence these days, the experts who develop, design and manage the websites are in good demand – these trends can unlikely to change soon.

Whether you are starting as a website designer or a web developer or figuring out for a career change to become a website expert, there are few skills which you require, if you want to be successful in this particular industry.

Listed below are the major skills, both for the technical and otherwise, which bring forth few key areas of knowledge that might work well to infuse to your repertoire as you start down the stride to garner the title of a web design company.

1. HTML:

The HTML skills are an important part of website designer’s toolbox. For many, this is a markup language which decides the entryway into the web design space.
Hypertext markup language is stated to be the very base of how the websites are structured. To this, HTML is certified to be an essential thing which a web developer or web designer can articulately learn.

Even when you intend on utilizing WYSIWYG editors or CMS for your career option, having knowledge of HTML endows you with an understanding of how the tools function and endeavors you with control over work. HTML knowledge ensures you with the capability to conduct work outside the editors.

The bottom line is that anyone conducting a professional work on Web presently has a good understanding of the HTML.

2. CSS:

While HTML dictates you with a structure for the website, CSS helps to handle the appearance visually. As such, CSS is considered to be another essential language that the web designers genuinely learn.

CSS is said to be an imperative skill for the website designers and the front end developers. Whilst the CSS is used for the backend website developers, it is not as essential as for the front end designers. This being said, the web developers who have knowledge of CSS will definitely make their apps communicate more efficiently with the design.

For most of the website experts, the CSS is generally learned along with HTML, as the two languages are a merger which builds the style and structure basis for any of the website page.

3. The sense of design:

Having a sense of design is essential for the website experts who fall into the category of designers. There are a great lot of things in website design than genuinely knowing which colors appear good. You require being knowledgeable of the design elements along with basic typographical practices, design principles, image usage, principal layouts and more.

You also require knowing how the real people communicate with the design so that you take the correct decision which can assist you to meet your website requirements.

While the sense of design is not a bad thing to hold, experts who are genuinely more concentrated as a website developer do not require this skill much unless they are a freelancer and are competent for the creation of various site aspects.

4. Ajax and JavaScript:

JavaScript is considered an essential element of interaction for the website. Therefore, a website developer must be comfortable with JavaScript before they effectively learn variously other languages which interact well with CSS and HTML so as to formulate three layers of a website design.

Website designers do not require learning the JavaScript until he is concerned with frontend development also. A basic knowledge regarding the JavaScript is more than sufficient. A website developer must be well versed with the JavaScript as it essential for the apps and website. Anyone who is concerned with the back end development requires being well adept with the JavaScript.

5. Perl, ASP, PHP, Java or C++:

If you are learning to program the website pages then you must know two to three programming languages. PHP in today’s market is considered to be the leader, as it is an open source language which is embraced by a bold community. If you select only a single language to learn, you must first opt for PHP.

Website designer does not require learning programming languages other than HTML as it is a markup language and not purely a programming language. Website developers require learning at least two or more for proper employment and to remain flexible in work.

6. Mobile support:

In today’s web world, there are a staggering number of devices and numerous screen sizes that are being utilized. To this, websites require supporting the wide range of user-based devices with a responsive website which is structured for multi-device umbworld.

Being able to structure or design the website which appears good can be available at various sizes. Also, having the knowledge to construct the media query to build a responsive website is essential for the website expert today.

Genuinely mobile goes much beyond responsive websites. If you are able to formulate a mobile app, especially interfacing with the websites, attracts a good crowd.

7. Customer service skills:

Though not a technical skill, having a good customer service skill is an essential key ingredient for the success of a career in website designing.

Whether you work in an agency or work as a freelancer or you are an in-house resource for any Web Design Company, you require communicating with the people around; manage relationships and present good design ideas. A great customer service assists you with all of this.

8. SEO:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential for the ones who are structuring a website. There involve a various number of factors that can affect a website’s ranking in the search engine, from website’s content to inbound links to its performance and download speed and also it is mobile friendly. All these factors are such which the designer of a website must know.

9. Website server administration:

Having the knowledge at least a little regarding website server on which your website is working can help to solve the problem to make your website run in a better way. Most of the website designers feel that they can avoid the server but if you have the knowledge of the server, then you can definitely build a better website.

A website designer does not require knowing how they must administer the server but can benefit with basic knowledge of server so as to at least interact with the server admins in an effective manner. A website developer must learn more regarding the server so as to troubleshoot the programs and scripts.

10. Project management:

Project management is considered critical work skill in every Web Design Company and website design is no such exception. Project management skills assist you to kick off a project on the right stride, so as to ensure the project succeeds.

Both the website developers and website designers benefit from the project management. Whether you work for a Web Design Company or as a freelancer, having the potential to manage the project is an essential skill.

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