15 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Facebook Business Page

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In the present era, when social networking has taken the world by storm, there have emerged several effective ways of social media marketing. Together with 1.23 billion users each day, Facebook has become the largest social networking site in the world. This ever-increasing strength has proved to be a beneficial thing as this is an effectual way to persuade the intended audience and promote your trade.

Things to be done on Facebook business page

While using a social interactive platform like Facebook, few dos are needed to be remembered.

1. An easily identifiable image, similar to a brand logo must be used as the display picture. It is this picture which is going to arrive in the News Feed, therefore the picture should be vivid and recognizable. The cover photo laid above the profile picture should also be clear and perceptible as this picture reflects the identity of your business.

2. You must obtain a distinctive expression for your homepage on Facebook. The intonation of your company’s website must be considered as the point of initiation and following this, a healthy portion of humor and individuality can be added.

3. The presence of Facebook must be emphasized on by introducing the popular posts and Facebook icon on your website.

4. While promoting your business through Facebook, you must care to respond to all your customers subtly and publicly because the complaints filed against the products and services of your company and the quick response as a solution would depict your concern for your customers.

5. The achievements and affairs of your company must be highlighted on the Facebook page. Unlike your company, the social interactive platform has a distinct level of feeling. Therefore, when you post any event related to the social media marketing of your enterprise it becomes more vibrant and acceptable with the share of fun pictures and individual thoughts.

6. As an entrepreneur, you must embolden people to hit the like button of your page through different contests and discounts.

7. Albeit it is not related to your products and company, posting things can be interesting and of great importance to the users. It is also a great way to establish trust with your customers and show that you are concerned about them.

8. Video posts are shared by maximum users as compared to any other post types and it has been observed that a huge proportion of people prefer to watch live videos than the pre-recorded ones. Therefore, one must try to post their product promotion through live videos.

9. The inclusion of an image or photograph in a post increases the number of views about 2.3 times more than the others. Therefore, consider using images for better promotion of your business.

Things that should be avoided on Facebook business page

Similar to the pros and cons, dos and don’ts in a business also go hand-in-hand. Some of the don’ts are listed below.

10. The blank sections of your page should not be left vacant. These spaces help you express yourself and the kind of business you are in. Therefore, you must try to use the spaces.

11. One must not use the social platform to push their product and forcefully persuade people to buy them since it is not a place to annoy people with sales pitches but to create a healthy business relationship.

12. The hashtags must be used with caution as some studies show that hash-tag free posts receive more engagement than the others. On the other hand, if your post is hash-tagged then it will show up higher on the list when searched.

13. While posting anything related to your business, avoid entering any specification of your product. Rather encourage the viewers to make the use of private chat on Facebook messenger to know the details.

14. Some surveys have revealed the fact that the number of shares is more important than the number of likes. Hence, it is better not to value the number of likes over the other kinds of social interaction.

15. You must not pull back from experimenting with how often you can post and when. Rather try different ideas to explore what works best for your business. A research proposes that you must post on Facebook at least once in a day as per your convenient time but make sure that you reach your desired demography at that particular time.


The social media marketing strategy is different for different businesses and industries. Nevertheless, one thing is crystal clear that, in order to ensure the success of the goals and objectives of a company, the social media like Facebook must be used wisely.

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